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This is a Brand Marketing Webinar which identifies and describes the core elements of what a brand is and how you can use it to reshape, or even pivot, your product and service offering.

Here are the core elements that I discuss, as I share great examples of brands who use each element as an integral part of how they are perceived by their customers and wider stakeholders.

Purpose and Values
Market Positioning
Stakeholder Expectations
Visual Identity
Tone of Voice
Marketing Communications
Product Portfolios
Pricing Strategy
Packaging Design
In-store Experience
People Behaviours
Workplace Experience
Management Style
Customer Journey

In these challenging times, there’s never been a better opportunity to understand how and where you can use the power of your brand to develop new and relevant products, perhaps pivot your entire proposition, and to engage your staff to deliver consistent and relevant services.

In this brand marketing webinar, I explore many of the core components of a brand and give some examples of best practice and how well known brands use their brand equity and identities to maximise their marketing opportunities.

I also believe that branding and brand marketing is so much more than simply a logo, colour palette and choice of font. To me, a brand is the feeling you are left with, 
when you remove everything else. Have a listen to the podcast or watch the recording of this webinar and let me know what you think?

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