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Share Your Gifts

If we all share our special gifts, as a business and personal community we will all benefit from the journey we’ll experience over the coming weeks.

I have been talking to a number of clients and colleagues. Many are already trying to figure out what they are able to offer to their contacts and networks.

If you have experience and wisdom that would benefit others, or perhaps a skill to offer, then please share it, because together we will all benefit from this experience, rather than endure it.

I will be offering some free webinars and online workshops over the coming weeks, beginning on Thursday 26th March with “Home Working Top Tips”, drawing from my 20 years as a digital nomad. Email me if you would like the link to that when I publish it next week. If that helps you transition from office working to home working, that’ll be great. There will be a number of other sessions to come soon too.

If you have a gift to offer and you’d like me to share it with my social networks, just let me know and I will spread the word.

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