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Mindful Leadership with Kate Strong is an interview with the business coach who puts people wellbeing at the heart.

This is Episode 17 of The Mindful Living Show and we explore how to navigate effective leadership in these challenging times.

This episode is also available on my Neil Wilkins Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You are probably already aware that I interview a host of interesting people on the subjects of mindful business and mindful living. If you’d like to be interviewed or you can recommend someone, please get in touch and let me know why and what topic you’d like to talk about.

Here are just some of the things I asked Kate:

“Today we are going to explore the importance of mindful leadership, culture, people development, holistic wellbeing and especially getting managers and business leaders to focus as much on their people as their ‘business’.

Tell us a little about your story

In your work with business leaders and entrepreneurs what trends are you seeing?

How are you defining successful leadership today?

You have talked about being a ‘bold, confident and heart-felt leader’?

You define sustainability as making a long lasting impact?

What can business leaders do to create a sustainable, positive culture?

Can you share any good examples of where you have seen staff and teams benefitting from this more holistic approach to business management?

You appear to take a more holistic view of business than many? Why?

Wellbeing of the business and its people seems to be vital for future success on the other side of the current situation? Would you agree?

You are an advocate of business planning and strategy. What does that mean in Kate Strong words?

When you talk about ‘peak performance’ in both businesses and their leaders, what do you mean by ‘peak performance’?

If your words resonate with someone, what are their next steps and how can they engage with you?”

Kate’s answer to the last question is to visit her website

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