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Episode 20 of The Mindful Living Show in which I talk to Adrian Beale, Co-Founder of Buckley & Beale, speciality food importers and distributors, about the latest hot product in the food industry, Jackfruit.

As Adrian explains, Jackfruit is a whole food, plant-based solution that offers an inherently meaty texture. Unlike many meat-alternative products, which are highly processed and require all the additional resources that involves, jackfruit is a natural, whole food option. It is perfect for replacing meat to create delicious meals.

Adrian introduces us to The Jackfruit Company who are building ethical and sustainable jackfruit supply chains to introduce this miracle crop to the world.

This is such an interesting product, story and opportunity. There’s something in this that makes me think we may all look back in years to come and wonder when we first encountered Jackfruit. I am off to find some recipes…

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