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I had the pleasure today of interviewing Katherine Piper, Director of Future Economy Network.

Katherine has created one of the UK’s largest sustainable business communities and we hear just how she has achieved this.

If we break down Katherine’s conversation we find that you can replicate this amazing community, if you have time, patience and a relentless commitment:

Consistent Theme – vital to maintain clarity with your community members
Align Trending Topics – it’s all abut how you will respond to carbon neutrality and sustainability
Know Your Members – an intimate empathy and understanding of your community member needs
Regular Updates – keep in touch on a regular and appropriate basis
Showcase Members – community is everything so share the members’ good news stories
Cross-Pollinate Introductions – community is about interaction so foster relationships
Regular Events – face to face interaction is vital to build engagement
Relevant Physical Space – somewhere your community can identify as home is vital
Annual Showcase – get together at least once a year as a complete network
Digital Engagement – not everyone is local so scale by digital engagement
Online Events – focus on increasing engagement with a busy community with online events
Engage Influencers – help your members become advocates and micro-influencers and join other groups
Avoid Chasing Profit – this is all about creating value and that’s beyond just financial profit
Keep Believing – never stop believing, whatever is happening, pivoting in challenging times is vital

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Mindful Living Show on Spirit Fest TV

For more details about the network and membership, visit Future Economy Network and the annual Festival of Sustainable Business

This interview is also available on the Neil Wilkins Podcast

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