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Self leadership is one of the key mindsets that allows you to balance your thoughts, emotions and actions for a happy, successful life.

Founder of Better Men, Dan Stanley talks to me about how men can develop more effective self leadership by evolving their emotional intelligence and by holistically balancing thoughts, emotions and actions.

This interview is episode 26 of The Mindful Living Show on and is also available on Neil Wilkins Podcast art

Self Leadership is a complex topic, that begins with emotional intelligence, knowing your goals and then bridging the gap from where you are today with where you want to be. Dan talks a lot about turning up and not simply expecting things to happen around you. It’s about the clarity of goals with a relentless determination to succeed that leads to wellbeing.

We also talk about Stockdale Paradox, a really fascinating and simple principle of keeping focused on balancing optimism with extreme reality. You have to embrace and accept the reality of your situation and balancing with the optimism gives a way of managing change, difficult situations and uncertainty.

After you have listened or watched this interview about Self Leadership, let me know if you would like to explore any of the concepts further. Many of the principles and mantras are closely aligned with Life Map by Neya® which is our holistic method of life management and personal development for optimal wellbeing.

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