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I was delighted to interview Dr Niels Schneider, the author of the brand new book called Ecopreneurship : Business Practices for a Sustainable Future

In the interview, Niels shares how this is an exciting and relevant time for the new book and tells us more about the research upon which it is based.

Niels has researched and studied extensively in the food industry and supply chain and explains to us how can entrepreneurs and business owners in other industries learn from this. He talks about Sustainability Driven Entrepreneurship and what he means by the phrase.

As he currently teaches at the University of Bristol on a range of courses including the Digital Economy, we learn how the digital economy has informed the thinking in this field and with a growing focus on empirical forecasting and big data, Niels explains where he sees this developing in the coming years.

With the impending economic downturn, post COVID-19, Niels shares his big hope for ecopreneurship after the current situation is eased and talks about the tips he gives, for anyone thinking about ecopreneurship.

For more details about Dr Scnheider and the book, visit his website

This book is published as part of the De Gruyter Studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship series.

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