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Marketing Pulse 1 Podcast is my new mini-series of observations of commercial and marketing life post-Covid-19. In this episode I’ll focus on Circular Business.

Charles Nixon, Chairman of Cambridge Marketing College said, “It’s time we listened to our new customers”. What I took from that, is that no matter how well we feel we know our customers, they have changed on this side of the pandemic. As we emerge from commercial lockdown we need to listen intently to their new needs, their new context and their new challenges. It’s from this position that we can start to add new value.

If we assume that the ‘new normal’ is a level playing field like the one we knew before, we are beaten before we start out again.

So I have been listening to the 30 marketing apprentices that I mentor and have been asking them how their businesses and sectors are changing. We have taken deep dives into the trends, themes and behaviours they are seeing. Whilst this isn’t a large sample and you could argue it’s not statistically significant, I believe that their collective, anecdotal evidence, is well worth listening too.

So in this first episode I’ll share a key theme that you can focus on to see if it resonates with you? If you are an entrepreneur, marketer, business owner or decision maker, this mini-series is for you. I hope you get some great value from it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If you like the sound of Circular Business you can find out more in a live Future Economy Network online event on 9 July – What are the basic principles and practice of circular economy? How can organisations implement circularity, and how do those methods differ for across sectors? From buildings to agriculture, from flooring to insects, come along to this interactive online event on 9th July to hear how WSP, LettUs Grow, Michelmores & Interface have created circular business practices in their goal towards becoming sustainable. As always, please B-Y-O-Breakfast! More information and tickets available here:

Watch some interviews with circular business experts in The Mindful Business Show:

I’m really interested to know what you think about this topic and if you have any observations of other interesting commercial trends like this, please get in touch.

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