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Social Media Trends 2023

Social networks are constantly updating and changing their algorithms, so how do we stay in the know?

Which social networks are on the up, which are declining, which ones are on your side and how to find where your target audience is hiding?

Who are the movers and which social networks penalise you for running organic content?

Let’s Find Out the Social Media Trends 2023

“In 2023, successful social marketers will take the time and effort to carefully assess their opportunities, use a scalpel rather than a cleaver, and think about the long-term impact of their short-term actions. Those who do will cement their worth once and for all.” Hootsuite

“Predictive analytics, decentralised networks and multi-sensory experiences are three social media trends for 2023” PR Week

“Marketers must focus on forging symbiotic relationships through a better understanding of online conversations and taking quicker action. It’s this new understanding that will help brands create meaningful experiences and become closer to their consumers.” PR Week

On The Up, On The Down

UP – short form video on all networks

“Do what’s right for you and don’t follow the crowd. Not every person or brand has the personality to be goofy on TikTok. But everyone can probably be educational or informal. Instead of shooting for a style you don’t find comfortable, find what you can provide via video that’s useful to the audience you’re trying to reach.” SocialMediaExaminer

UP – YouTube Shorts

TikTok and Instagram Reels are so 2022, because YT Shorts are now appearing in Google Search Results too

DOWN – Social Content Posting

In 2023, social customer service, social connecting and social conversations outscore social content posting every time

UP – OpenAI Content Creation

The likes of ChatGPT is now levelling the playing field for weak writers and communicators at the same time as homogenising long tail keyword search engine optimisation. Be cautious as Google is already aware of AI-created content!

DOWN – Obsession with Likes, Views, Followers

With the demise of 3rd party cookies, savvy marketers are already innovating with new ways of adding real value to their prospects’ and customers’ experience, putting social networks into their rightful places in the customer journey instead of pretending they are the end game in themselves

DOWN – All eggs in the Twitter basket

A harsh reminder that you have never, and will never, own the content or features of the favourite social network you believe you have been reliant on

UP – Email and First Party Data

Refocus on your website, your email lists.  Start to properly segment and build immersive and engaging experiences with tools you can control, measure through and that your target audience will accept

UP – Authenticity and Transparency

“Authenticity rules over curated perfection.” SocialMediaExaminer

“Consumers nowadays demand authenticity from brands, with 86% of consumers saying that transparency has now become more important than ever. Aside from transparency, today’s consumers expect businesses to nurture authentic human connections and build an emotional connection to a brand. One example of how brands can nurture authenticity is by empowering their leaders to play a more proactive role on social media.” InfluencerMarketingHub

DOWN – Meta Monopoly is an open source, decentralised, block-chain community platform allowing marketers to create and curate a collaborative space without the ‘big brother’ algorithms, features and controls from the big networks

UP – Planet

The year when the Rule of Thirds social media content balance of Personal, Point, Promote now also includes Planet as a fourth P

DOWN – Macro-Influencer Marketing

“Nano-influencers have an average engagement rate of 3.69%, which is higher than that of macro-influencers… We can expect to see nano- and micro-influencers take centre stage as more brands are likely to opt for a more “community-led approach.” InfluencerMarketingHub

UP – Metaverse Social

“Multi-sensory social media: Brands will invest in bringing sensory elements to digital experiences from gamification to fully immersive digital malls.” PR Week

“The Metaverse: With a potential market of $800bn, expect even more players to join the contest in the coming months.” PR Week

Social Content Planning and Optimisation

Organic content really scores in 2023.

Step 1 – Google Keyword Planner Tool – to find your brand’s relevant trending search phrases

Step 2 – Answer The Public – to find specific questions being asked in relation to your search phrases

Step 3 – – define goals, choose platforms, audit strategy, create content pillars, find your voice, mix and match, create and curate

Step 4 – Obsess about your analytics – set KPIs and targets, measure, evaluate, refine, repeat

Top Tips to Respond to Social Media Trends 2023

“If you produce one good video every month, your audience will get used to seeing that one good video every month. Forcing crap in between will hurt more than it helps.” SocialMediaExaminer

Remember to piggyback

“Quieter periods are a awesome opportunity to build up a solid content bank and plan for the future.”

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