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Light Healing is the Future, in conversation with Tom Paladino

Neil Wilkins talks to scalar energy researcher Tom Paladino about his ground-breaking work based on Tesla science.

Tom demonstrates how he believes that light healing is the future, not only for humans but for animals, plants and the planet.

Through his unique scalar light instruments, Tom’s groundbreaking treatment process offers a guaranteed, fast, harmless, and painless approach to healing. By harnessing the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic, these instruments effectively disassemble over 400,000 pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, offering potential cures or preventive measures for a vast array of diseases. By eliminating the causative agents of pathogenic infections, symptoms associated with these illnesses decrease or disappear altogether.

To experience the transformative power of scalar energy treatment, individuals can avail themselves of 15 days of FREE scalar light sessions by visiting the home page at Scalar Light. Discover the extraordinary potential of scalar energy healing under the guidance of Tom Paladino, and unlock a new realm of wellness and vitality.

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