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“I’m writing a book… well in fact I am writing three books in parallel and the first is the one I’ll probably be most easily associated with… creating digital content. The other two are going to contain some surprises. Nothing digital, something new.” Neil Wilkins
I have been involved in digital marketing and content creation for as long as I can remember. I am that old.
I started my digital journey a quarter of a century ago. Back in 1993 I launched my first website when a web page was as exciting as a plain piece of paper with some writing on it. Just words. No images, no interaction, no video, no engagement, just words.
As a marketer I quickly realised that if I could see something on my screen and someone else could see the exact same thing on their computer across the other side of the world, then we could be onto a new way of communicating ourselves, our brands, our products and our services.
Today this may seem blatantly obvious but back in those days we had to drag colleagues, management and clients, kicking and screaming into what seemed to be a brave new world. The number of times I heard the phrase “It’ll never catch on”. How wrong they were and how in such a short period of time, everything has changed.
It is some thirty years since the birth of the internet and yet many people still use phrases such as ’new media’, ‘digital marketing’, ‘online content’ and of course people of all generations still say, “I am not technical”. You’ve heard that and maybe you’ve said it. Well, the time has long since passed when this is new stuff, when it’s technical, when it is out of reach of the vast majority of us on this planet. It is simply how the world communicates and engages.
This is the essence of the new book I am currently writing. It is not written to convince you that it’s right for you. It is not designed to baffle you, to frighten you away from experimenting, or to leave you feeling inadequate and that everyone else is racing ahead of you. As things have moved on so quickly from my first two books, it’s time to bring you up to speed.
My book is written with the intention of helping you to relax into a lifelong journey both personally and professionally of understanding how, where and why you could use some carefully selected digital tools and content that you choose from the plethora of those available to help you and maybe your business, engage more effectively and comfortably with those you need to communicate with.
This is the mantra of effective digital content.

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