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The TTF Model is a simple yet powerful method for prioritising things in line with the value they add to your goals and objectives.

Your things, be they actions, plans, clients, projects, or whatever else you have a selection of that you need to sort, can be categorised as to the value they add either

1. Today

2. Tomorrow

3. Future

Everything has a different value to you. Some things have a value today and these might include cashflow, survival, etc. where if you don’t do them, they will spell trouble or a deficit in the short term. If you only complete things that are giving value today then every day from here onward runs the risk of being just like yesterday and your world will be restricted and tethered.

Some things have a value tomorrow and these could include your plans or desires for growth, security, etc. and these are particularly important if you are seeking to change your current situation, grow, move or expand. Prioritising some things that give value tomorrow, alongside some which give value today will demonstrate to you a nice balance that should be sustainable.

Many of your most important things will have a value in the future and these could include your ultimate vision, destiny or life goals. It’s vital to allow yourself some time and energy to prioritise these too, to ensure that your Today and Tomorrow things are pointing in the correct ultimate direction.

Make sure you carefully prioritise every project, customer and task using the TTF Model so that you can think about them on relative and appropriate terms. The best way to maintain a great balance is to do just that; Balance some to give value today, some tomorrow and vitally, remember the most important ones are guiding you to your future.

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