The Art of Transformative Living

The Art of Transformative Living

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The Art of Transformative Living is finally here... After many years of thinking, researching, experiencing and collaborating, Sonya and I are delighted to bring you the first amazing workshop, designed to help you create the life you dreamed…

A Sustainable New Marketing Mix For A New Generation

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A Sustainable New Marketing Mix For A New Generation Rising generations are calling into question the traditional marketing mix, which has focused on everything about a brand. They want to know what’s in it for them. They want to align…
Ethical Digital Series 2019

2019 Ethical Digital Series

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I'm delighted to share with you the beginning of the 2019 Ethical Digital Series, in partnership with Sonya Subscribe to be advised of further events This is a series of evening talks and workshops designed for those seeking to awaken…
digital marketing and social media workshops 2019

Digital Marketing and Social Media Workshops 2019

Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshops 2019 I am delighted to share the agenda for my digital marketing and social media workshops for 2019, which I have just updated with everything new that you need to know, to accelerate your business…

Brilliant Guerilla Marketing for Orangutans

However you look at it, the Rang-tan Christmas' TV Advert by Iceland is a wonderful piece of guerrilla marketing on behalf of the orangutan habitats that are being destroyed at an alarming rate in the name of palm oil. Deforestation of vast…

Highly Rated Online Digital Marketing Content Course

I'm so pleased that my online digital marketing content course is so highly rated by the marketers who have enrolled. Udemy has a strict policy of showcasing the highest rated courses because this is a clear and objective measure of the value…

How Much Business Are You Losing?

If you haven't yet plotted both a Proactive and a Reactive Customer Journey for your business you could be missing a wealth of sales and profits. The likelihood is that right now, you probably don't know how much! With my colleagues at Viper…

Events and Speaking

​It's a busy diary over the coming weeks with an opportunity to hear me speak on a host of subjects from Mindful Marketing to Social Media Best Practice in 2018 to The Importance of Vision. Let me know if you are near any of these locations…

Marketing and Mindfulness : Documenting the Journey

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This short article is my official beginning of the documenting of the journey of Marketing and Mindfulness. It might sound a bit hippy or you might not understand it at all, but the premise is simple: marketing and commercial decision making…