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It’s all about choices. You can only think of one thing at a time so make it count… choose positive and choose to live in the present. There can be no stress in the present because it’s neither clouded by the past nor tempered by expectations of the future. It is simply now. If you feel anxious or stressed then you still aren’t in the present.

Focus on your senses. Listen and look but really hear and really see. Focus on it without the chatter of your mind as it starts to interpret and justify. See and hear whatever it is for what it is. If you pass judgment you aren’t in the present because you are bringing your past into play and interpreting. In the present there is no right or wrong, there is just what there is.

Imagine seeing someone committing a misdemeanour. If you try to intervene or have an opinion, and let’s face it, that would be hard no to, then you aren’t in the present. Being in the present would mean you see the action or situation in its purest sense for just what it is.

This is an extreme example to demonstrate just how difficult it is to be present. Often people say they are being present because they are physically somewhere. Their body may be, but their mind and their focus is more likely to be elsewhere.

In meditation you may find that quiet space between the chatter of your thoughts. But in everyday life being present in the now may be a fleeting moment, even with your concentration and focus.

It is however so very worthwhile to pursue these moments. Their clarity, serenity and simplicity are both grounding and restful; a real treat in the midst of our hectic and distracted lives.

If yoga and meditation aren’t in your personal development toolkit then focusing on your breathing can open up an entirely new world of consciousness.

For a moment, sit quietly in a relaxed position. Close your eyes. As you do, bring your attention to your breathing. Notice your inhalation, how you hold your breath for a moment and how it feels when you exhale. Do this a few times. Each inhaled breath, in through your nose, holding it inside you for a little longer then gently and steadily exhaling again through your nose. Try slowing your breathing. Relax. Take a little longer on your inhalation. Keep your breath inside for a little longer as you notice your body relaxing. Then exhale for the same amount of time as your inhalation. Enjoy focusing on your breathing. As you practice this simple yet powerful technique you will soon realise that as you focus on your breathing it is to the elimination of all other thoughts. This is being present and such breathing is at the root of deep relaxation, meditation and many yoga asanas. So remember, in your busy, hectic life, you can choose to become present by grounding yourself with focus on your breathing.

You can only think of one thing at a time so make it count and enjoy the present.

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