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“Our means of making a clearing through the chaos of events matter as much as, if not more than, the events themselves.” Maria Popova

There’s something really clean, crips and clear about a well crafted vision.

A vision is important if you want to enjoy true purpose, consistent and focused intention and at the same time, take a path towards achieving it.

We all know people who have the next big dream. They may even create a plan around that dream. They have intention and desire, they share it with everyone and they may really believe it’s both achievable and realistic.

In many cases though they may lack a true vision. As time passes and they take their route map towards achieving their dream, things may cloud, they may lose focus or tire as pressures of every day living take their toll.

So we focus on the importance of vision. By vision we mean “the faculty or state of being able to see” and “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” (Google Search)

These definitions bring about synonyms: imagination, creativity, creative power, inventiveness, innovation, inspiration, intuition, perceptiveness, perception, breadth of view, foresight, insight, far-sightedness, prescience, discernment, awareness, penetration, shrewdness, sharpness, cleverness. So vision is focus in all its traditional meanings. Using the five senses to virtually experience what it’ll be like when the vision is realised and it materialises in front of you.

But there’s more. Great minds tell us that there are more than our well known five senses, there is feeling, intuition, intellect and our soul.

Taking feeling and intuition, a true vision is something that will permeate every fibre of our body, every moment of our waking life. An obsession if you like, in a very positive sense.

If we have a vision that represents our chosen future reality we can begin to introduce examples of best practice and people who match at least part of our ideal. Continuous personal development and a thirst of self improvement and learning is at the heart of successfully achieving a vision. For example, speakers can speak but not necessarily present, so they learn. Salespeople can sell but without an ideal specification of the ultimate salesperson, how can they know what’s best practice and how to turn their potential into reality.

The clearer the vision the more obvious the skills, support, learning and experience we need to fold into our lives to take us step and step towards our ultimate destination.


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