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There are normally 3 ways to publish digital content and these apply to all forms of media including words, images and video.

Curate is digital content published by someone else and you repurpose it, retweet it, review it or aggregate it. This is the easiest form of content production because you don’t have to come up with the media or even think about the subject matter. You simply share, advocating the content you find useful, educational, informative or entertaining.

Create is content where you do come up with the subject. It takes longer because the content is yours. You may write the article, news or blog, add your own image or one you have purchased from an image library and then you signpost to your own content in social media and perhaps your email bulletins sent to your database of contacts.

Document is the relatively new kid on the block from a B2B perspective. Documented content publishing is where you catalogue your day to day life, experiences, travels or operations. Behind the scenes, fly on the wall, documentary style narration and commentary can be hugely engaging and is a good way, if your story is good, of building a loyal following. Keeping to a theme(s) and building a series is a proven way of establishing loyalty and engagement.

If you are new to content try to develop your content strategy in this priority order:

Curate, Create, Document

If you are an experienced content publisher then try reversing the order to really propel your online engagement:

Document, Create, Curate

Remember the Rule of Thirds in all cases though, because that will ensure you remain current, relevant and informed in the eyes and ears of your audience.



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