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If you always do what you’ve always done… ┬ábut many of us still expect to get very different outcomes from repeating the same behaviours, communication, marketing and day to day activities.

It’s a false logic and there is so much evidence to the old saying that you’ll always get what you’ve always had if you always do what you’ve always done. Or similar words to the same effect.

We all know the logic and it makes complete sense and yet we all, myself included, repeat things day in day out. We are though by doing so, simply treading water.

Think about your social networking. You, like me, are probably very pressed for time and so we make use of the convenience (and the Rule of Thirds in social networking is very effective, so we are encouraged to do so) of the retweet, the share and the curation of content someone else has already produced.

Nothing wrong with that until it become all that you do. Each day passes and you’ve added little or no value, you have been simply treading water, oblivious to the lack of movement and progress you are making.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are busy; kidding yourself that just because you have a steady growth in followers or connections, that you have conveniently posted a tweet or two, and that with little thought you have been socially networked.

But pause and reflect and you will notice that you have fallen into the false economy trap. You have in reality only been doing the very bare minimum and you’ve missed the point that by doing exactly what you did yesterday you have created a tomorrow that’s exactly as you already have.

So it’s time to make a change. It’s time to make more effort, greater focus and change or even disrupt the status quo. If you’ve been sharing the same tired quotes, only been posting promotion-style content, or maybe just lying dormant because you are just ‘too busy’, then it’s time to refocus and strike up a revolution to your behaviour.

This approach of course doesn’t only apply to social media. I use that as a simple example but it can apply to all aspects of your work and life in general. If you seek change then you must change behaviour.

Innovation never came from replication of the past. Revolution never came from the same thinking as yesterday. Growth was never born from repeating the same patterns.

Innovation comes from continuous improvement of process, plans and delivery. Revolution comes from radical and courageous thinking. Growth comes from pushing the boundaries and building upon the core of prioritising things that you already know work well.

Game changing comes from the moment you disrupt, accelerate and perform.

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