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The basis of great decision making in marketing comes from acting upon great information.

As a marketer we collect insights, trends, performance data, observations and sector information. We then collate this information and begin to add value by identifying what is most relevant and important to our organisation.


Before presenting to the business to enable decisions to be made we need to turn information into intelligence, by adding value and interpreting what we have found and prioritising the most important intelligence because it will either open up the most opportunities or minimise the most threats. It might allow us to leverage our strengths or help to restrict the impact of our limitations.

As we present the intelligence to the business to allow it to make great, informed, evidence-based decisions we ensure that the execution of our plans is based on maximum return on investment of our resources : people, budget, time.

As we talk within our businesses let’s ensure wherever possible we move our observations and understanding of our market places, competitors and trends as far as possible towards the ‘business end’ of the decision making process. Tactical decisions at a tactical level, without turning information into true intelligence will sell our business short.

Every great decision is based on evidenced value.

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