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There’s a new marketing mix in town and it’s called People, Planet, Profit. Pay close attention because everything in marketing as we know it, will be changing very soon.

The old world definition of marketing as simply satisfying customer expectations profitably is as out-dated now as it is over-used. Back in the day it might have felt good enough, but look where we have ended up… in a world full of plastic pollution, celebrity culture, chaos and little or no time.

It’s not all bad of course and many people and companies are reaping the benefits of moving with the times, but even they are now looking at themselves and questioning at what cost their success has arisen.

So how about we group together, agree that enough is enough and focus on defining and delivering a brand new marketing mix. One in which decisions are made not only for the short term profit gains of the shareholders, but for our collective future and that of our children and their children?

I love the sentiment of Mac Macartney, Founder of Embercombe, when he talks about the children’s fire and decision making for the wider, deeper and future good of our planet in which our children will live. I have little doubt that the mantra of short term gains will soon become a highly unattractive trait condemned to business people of yesteryear and their growing obsolescence.

Today and tomorrow’s customer (the millennial, in the short and medium term) is more expectant, demanding and savvy than yesterday’s. They know that they have choice, discretion and clout. They know that they can choose to engage and buy from businesses and brands who share their values, are people like them, and with whom they can forge long-term, two-way loyalties.

We are entering a new age for marketing and business development. We know that the days of overt selling of products and services are long gone and we are seeing the decline and death of businesses who pay lip service to societal and ecological responsibilities.

The successful business of tomorrow will embrace everything that is good and wholesome in operating ethically, sustainably and mindfully.

The tide is turning, and when it does in your own industry and with the products, services and brands with which you engage, it will eventually become plastic-free, mindful, responsible and sustainable.

– I am drawing together a mastermind group of like-minded marketers who will seek to explore how we can develop these principles of marketing mindfulness. If you would like to find out more and get in involved, please email me.

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