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Cowspiracy movie has taken my thinking and determination to the next level.

We cruise along thinking that we are contributing good things to the world, being positive, giving back and acting ethically. The we watch a movie like Cowspiracy and we realise that we are merely scratching at the surface.

In just 1.5 hours we move from a think-gooder to a do-gooder. This kind of movie awakens, stirs and helps us to reprioritise, in equal measure.

When I watched Sharkwater, I was shocked and sickened by how barbaric and completely mindless human beings can be. I watch Cowspiracy and I am left feeling that in addition to this there are seemingly ethical charities like Greenpeace who are allegedly part of the big shadowy conspiracy to maintain the very thing their public persona says they abhor.

Rather than fuel a conspiracy theory trip, I intend to use this frightening reality check to fuel The Mindful Collective… the journey, for those who wish to get involved, to take their business to a more ethical and sustainable future. This isn’t just for vegans, this is for everyone.

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