Let’s think about how we might feed our family and feed our soul at the same time. Whenever we think of our passions we think about what makes us smile, what gives us a warm feeling deep inside and what we would want to be doing if all else failed.

Whenever we think of what brings in money to pay the ever-present list of debts and taxes, it’s not always the same thing. More often than not it’s a job. What a word ‘job’ is. That feels so alienated from our deepest passions, and yet many of us spend a significant proportion of our waking lives, toiling after dollars to simply pay the endless stream of bills.

When we awaken to the thought that we are only in this life once, and that this isn’t a dress rehearsal for the real thing. This is it. Once we awaken to that and the fact you will never have today again. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Once we awaken to that, we have a chance to put everything into perspective and remind ourselves that an ideal scenario would be to find something that both feeds your family at the same time as feeding your soul.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

There are people out there who have achieved this. Maybe you know someone, or a number of people, who never have that ‘Sunday Evening Feeling’. Every working day they awaken to live the dream, to devote precious energies into their passion, which just happens to make enough of a living, or maybe more than that.

Think of those who threw in the well paid corporate job to open a cafe in an idyllic village. Think of those who spend their days in their workshop or studio, crafting products or art for adoring customers. Think of those who serve others in such a way that matches the skills, expertise or experience they can offer to the world.

Now if you are thinking that there’s always an excuse, and there is always ‘tomorrow’… well, these are sabotage programmes. If others have done it then so can you. If you choose to make excuses then that’s the choice you are making, but know it CAN be done; matching your passion with your career.

And remember there are some golden rules for those who have ‘made it’ in this way.

Firstly, they are loving and living the journey, not the end destination. Every day they are living their dream. It’s the journey that’s the pleasure and delight, not some fluffy future situation.

Secondly, they trust in their intentions. Rather than finding every reason why something won’t work, they put good intentions out there and then trust that the universe will align everything to manifest their vision. More often than not, it does.

Thirdly, they declutter, downsize and initially operate on needs not wants. Cutting costs down to what you need rather than what you want will open up a wonderful easing of financial pressure, because by being minimalist you find what you truly need and ease the financial burden in the early days of living your dream.

So play with these ideas and see what you can come up with. Yes there will be risks associated with making the jump and finding what can feed your family and your soul at the same time. But the wider rewards of self satisfaction, deeper self awareness and a realisation that success comes in so many more guises than financial, will make everything feel so worth it.

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