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Linkedin organic content in 2020 may be the next big thing in social media.

Have you noticed over the last six months that you are becoming deluged by spam inMail and unwelcome sales messages and connection requests each time you log into Linkedin? You are not alone.

Linkedin is THE hot spot in social media right now and all the signs and all the trends point to it growing exponentially in 2020, especially driven by those seeking to establish business to business relationships.

At present it’s not necessarily high quality engagement, as many connection requests are arriving into your account from people not seeking a relationship but shrouding their real goal with an apparent desire to become your professional friend. Just wait for the follow-up message when you do connect though, because it’ll likely be to sell you their wares.

But the upside is the volume game. With high levels of activity comes lots of data, big data. This ensures that more people’s accounts are active, more engagement is happening and at last, Linkedin can join the list of serious places in which marketers can focus their attentions.

We all know and understand the value of direct, one to one connection potential with that otherwise elusive buyer of our products and services. It’s now emerging clearly how we can make these high return interactions a reality. It comes in the form of Linkedin organic content.

High value, Rule of Thirds style, content, which positions you as a thought leader, a specialist with some great value to add in the debate on important subjects. This is where Linkedin can really score in providing high value returns and helping you to achieve your business development goals.

So what can you say, what can you share, and what fresh new topics can you introduce into Linkedin? How can you add more details and depth to an existing conversation (see Suggested Content in the Linkedin Search, for ideas of relevant content)? For what topic would you like to be seen as the thought leader? It’s currently an open opportunity but the door will close quickly if you stall on this.

As much as Facebook and Instagram followed on from the Twitter burst some years ago, as THE place where a marketer simply had to be, Linkedin is now that hot spot. So for your marketing plan for 2020, make sure you find a way of factoring in Linkedin organic content and watch those results come flooding in.

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