Driving Digital Experience is an important module in the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing and a topic which can be learned and continuously improved by all marketers.

Whether you are marketing for a brand, company, start-up or yourself, you’ll be giving a customer experience. If you wish to drive, proactively, the experience and especially as you can inherently control all elements of your customers’ digital experience, this is a chance to consider a multitude of angles, channels, choices and perspectives. By doing this you stand a chance of ensuring your customer experience is as good as it might be and provides meaningful interaction and potentially a long term, sustainable relationship for all stakeholders.

Here is a checklist of outputs from a discussion with my students, that should help you to uncover vital elements to continuously improve the experience you provide:

Core Values

Authenticity, Honesty, Choice – all delivered with an appropriate tone of voice

First Steps

Planning, Customer Journey, Uniqueness, Packages of Services and Products, Inspire Learning – focused on your unique sales proposition

Fundamentals of Experience

Personalisation, Individuality, Familiarity, Anticipation, (Un)Predicability, Memorability, Subjectivity – value provided against customers’ perceptions and deep rooted assumptions

Channels and Content

Head focused (logical and objective), Heart focused (emotional and subjective), Sound, Sight, Touch – delivered by audio, video, imagery and words

Fine Tuning

Cultural Sensitivities, Use of Humour, Economic Value (of products and services), Timeliness

Thanks to Cheryl Waring, Beth Pollard and Karen Vicker-Craddock for their inputs and ideas into this blog.

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