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Apple Podcasts have arrived and it is time to take your audio marketing seriously.

Many of us are waking up to our first full day with Mac OS Catalina. So what, you may ask. But if you look at Apple’s focus on what’s new, you’ll see something exciting; Apple Podcasts.

Earlier this year I predicted that audio (and podcasts specifically) would be a key marketing tool you should focus on. Did you listen?

If you did, then you’ll already be seeing great ROI from this free marketing content channel.

If you didn’t, then today is the day to begin creating and distributing audio content in the form of podcasts. If you have case studies, videos, a sales script, company brochure, testimonials and especially if you want to position yourself as a thought leader, podcasts is for you.

Get started with a platform like (which I use personally) and fast-charge your marketing today.

My podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Player FM and Spotify

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