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Here are some useful market research tools in 2020.

It’s not an exhaustive list but I hope it will help you to understand what to use and when. I have based the list on the various activities we do in marketing. At each stage in the planning and delivery process, there are different tools that are useful.

I recorded a webinar on this subject which explains where each tool fits and why (apologies that the audio quality is poor).

If you structure your tools in the following format then they should provide best value and return:

  • Situation – Market Intelligence, Pricing and Competitor, Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Tactical – Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction
  • Action Plan – Review Management, Conversation Surveys and Reputation, Polls and Surveys, Live Event Polling, Gamification
  • Measurement – Realtime and Automated, Website Analysis, Dashboard Reporting

Market Intelligence,,,,,,,, SpyFu

Pricing and Competitor,,


Customer Experience Management,,,,,,,,

Customer Satisfaction,,,,,,,,,,,

Review Management,,,,,,,,,

Conversation Surveys and Reputation Management,,,,,

Polls and Surveys,,,,,,,,,,

Live Event Polling,,


Realtime and Automated Surveys,,,

Website Analysis,, Google Analytics


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