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A joint marketing training and planning workshop will enable your team at the same time as creating a marketing strategy.

Make great use of your team’s time by empowering everyone and creating a marketing plan at the same time.

In this two day in-house programme, I will take everyone through best practice in digital and traditional marketing. This will happen using world class techniques and proven methods to create your route map for the coming years. A joint marketing training and planning workshop could be just what your business needs.


Develop the marketing team personnel to ensure each member of staff understands the marketing strategy and the role they play in delivering tactical actions to achieve it.

Teach marketing communications planning and digital marketing best practice, to ensure the business optimises growth and business development opportunities.

Help the marketing team to create a relevant, focused and prioritised marketing plan to support business objectives.


A two day workshop blending teaching and marketing consultancy.

Utilise proven, world class marketing planning tools to ensure the marketing plan is measurable, strategic and aligned with business goals.

All sessions across the two days are fully interactive and facilitated to encourage appropriate contribution from all members of the team.

Day One

Welcome Presentation
Situation Audit
Customer Persona Profiling
Customer Journey Planning
Content Marketing Planning
Marketing Key Performance Indicators

Welcome to Marketing – Presentation
The team will hear a keynote presentation about current marketing trends and best practice. This will cover traditional marketing, business development, digital marketing and social media.

Situation Audit – Workshop
We will work together to create a SWOT Analysis based on current marketing and business performance, competitor activity, market trends, customer needs and research. This will set the context for the two days.

Customer Personas – Workshop
We will work together to create a customer persona for the most important customer demographic, that focuses on their behaviour, needs, expectations and value to the business.

Customer Journeys – Workshop
We will work together and use the customer persona from the previous workshop to build a customer journey that focuses marketing in the three phases, Awareness, Conversion, Retention.

Content Marketing Planning – Workshop
We will work together, using the Rule of Thirds model, to create a compelling and engaging content strategy that meets the needs of the business at the same time as providing great value to the target customer. This may also include internal communications as well was external customer communications, as appropriate.

Marketing Key Performance Indicators – Workshop
Completing the first day, we will work together to understand what marketing success looks like and how this translates into key performance indicators that will help the business achieve the marketing objectives.

Day Two

Summary of Day One
Marketing Communications Objectives
Marketing Strategic Goals (3 years)
Marketing Tactical Goals (1 year)
Marketing Action Plan (Monthly)
Marketing Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard

Summary of Day One – Presentation
The team will listen to a summary of day one and how the marketing planning process in day two will bring the business goals and key performance indicators to life.

Marketing Communications Objectives – Workshop
Building on the summary of day one and the Marketing Key Performance Indicators we will set SMART marketing communications objectives. These will be both long and short term and financial and experiential to ensure a balance of value to both the customer and the business.

Marketing Strategic Goals (3 years) – Workshop
Using a proven and powerful planning process, together we will establish SMART strategic marketing goals for the next 3 years, that are aligned to business objectives.

Marketing Tactical Goals (1 year) – Workshop
Together we will build upon the strategic marketing goals and create SMART tactical goals to deliver value to the business and the customer this year.

Marketing Action Plan (Monthly) – Workshop
From the tactical marketing goals, together we will create a measurable monthly action plan for marketing this year and assign owners to the actions. This activity will be closely aligned to the target customer persona and the customer journey from day one. We will explore budget and resource requirements.

Marketing Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard – Workshop
Measurement and reporting is essential evidence for a successful marketing communications plan, so we will work together to create a dashboard and scorecard, including the key performance indicators from day one. We will understand the best methods of sharing the outputs with the management and the business.


Situation Audit SWOT Analysis
Marketing Communications Objectives
Marketing Strategic Goals (3 years)
Marketing Tactical Goals (1 year)
Marketing Action Plan (Monthly)
Key Customer Persona Profile
Key Customer Persona Journey
Content Marketing Plan
Marketing Key Performance Indicators
Marketing Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard

Why Work With Me

I am a Psychology graduate and highly experienced marketing and communications professional, with a background of 30 years spent in a broad range of organisations such as: telecoms, IT, finance, manufacturing, consumer and government.

I specialise in the development and delivery of strategic and tactical marketing, communications, lead generation, product management, business development and digital marketing training courses, which benefit from his knowledge and background, as well as drawing from a broad base of current business models and case studies.

I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (hons) degree in Psychology and then embarked on a career in Marketing including time spent as: Marketing Manager at Ordnance Survey (UK), Strategic Marketing Manager with Marconi (Global), Marketing Manager at Mitel Networks (UK), European Marketing Manager for BP Castrol (Europe), Product Group Manager at Mira Showers (Benelux), Product Manager with Orange (UK) and Marketing Officer in NatWest (UK).

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I teach their students studying for professional qualifications, from foundation to post-graduate level. I also mentor over 30 marketing apprentices and am a Fellow of Cambridge Marketing College.

You may already know that I am pioneering a new marketing mix, focused on bringing deep levels of ethics, sustainability and business mindfulness into everyday thinking.

My ethos is all about focusing on things that really matter and prioritising activity within marketing and sales plans that deliver measurable growth and improvement in my clients’ organisations. Just some of the comments my clients have said:

“Thank you for an excellent course yesterday. It was well-timed, beautifully delivered and really insightful. Thoroughly enjoyed.”

“Neil is an excellent marketing trainer. He is reliable, an expert in his field, the clients loved him and I would have no hesitation in both recommending him and using him again in the future.”

“Neil is a calm, professional and authoritative marketer. He instills confidence in everyone he comes across. I am delighted to recommend him.”

“Neil was able to change the way we view our online marketing.”

“It’s not often that you walk away from a 2 day workshop and every member of your team has nothing but praise for the way it was facilitated.”

Next Step

If you would like to empower your marketing team and train everyone to same professional level, get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements for a joint marketing training and planning workshop.

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