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Learning to Love : Episode 12 of The Mindful Living Show is an interview with Sabina Rademacher.

Sabina helps people to find their own inner power, strength and wisdom by asking questions, such as “Do you long for a real connection with others but there seems to be a failure or gap in the communication?” “Do you feel like you are not being respected, appreciated or not truly loved for who you really are?” “Does it feel that you can’t step into your own power?”

Sabina is passionately devoted to the subject of love. She helps people to learn to deeply value themselves and to find out how to communicate more lovingly while still speaking their truth. This helps to set healthy boundaries and be more in flow and at ease with themselves and with others.

Today’s conversation is called Learning to Love and we explore ancient wisdoms and what might be termed ‘universal truths’. We focus on ‘inner truth’ and how this can help us all understand what kind of love is most appropriate for each of us.

When we begin to think of a significant other, or partner, we hear about taking an understanding of our own desire for love, into a relationship with someone else. And importantly at this time in social isolation, many couples will be redefining their relationships and the outcome could be separation. Sabina tells us more about what this means and how it can be an opportunity and not something to fear.

I love Sabina’s words “We won’t make peace on this Earth, until we make peace in ourselves – and among genders” and I hope you enjoy this heartfelt conversation.

You can listen to this interview on Neil Wilkins Podcast on Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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