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Here is a simple morning routine for health and wellbeing. I am not saying this is the only way to begin your day. However, you might find some of the ideas, helpful if you are looking to get out of the bed on the right side, every morning.

This technique, which I’ll explain more about, when I launch the programme later in the Spring, focuses on: stretching, intention setting, meditation, protection, LifeMap by Neya┬« and energy.

I hope you enjoy this episode 10 of The Mindful Living Show. Let me know your morning routine. I am genuinely very interested in how you begin your day. Some people advocate a 5am start and others arise mid morning. I know people who have made their morning juicing into a science and others miss breakfast altogether. I have read that some people spend up to 2 hours every day, preparing themselves.

I believe there are many ways we can begin our day and for me it’s all about listening to what your body, mind and heart need and taking it from there.

This episode is also available on my podcast.

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