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How To Shift Your Paradigms

Why do we feel the way we do? Why do we react in certain ways? Why do we think about things differently to others? There is a simple equation which controls our paradigms and our interactions with our world:

Perception = Perspective + Insight

If we shift our perspective and grow new insights by opening our minds and by continually growing as people, by waking up, being present and being mindful, we have an opportunity to enhance our perception of our world.

In turn this opens up a host of exciting opportunities for manifesting a different life experience, situation, relationships and work/life balance. This is paradigm shift.

To shift our paradigms we need to shift our perception and we do that by taking new perspectives and gaining fresh insights in ourselves and through everything around us. This introduces the idea of emotional fluency, which can take our emotional intelligence to a new level at the same time as learning to be good to our future self.

For more detailed guidance about this exciting opportunity, Sonya and I have created Back To Your Roots, an online programme designed to bring you more deeply in touch with your innate strengths and purpose and to help unleash you from the tethers from your past that no longer serve you. Visit for more details. We cover paradigm shift an many other models, techniques and practices.

This episode of The Mindful Living Show is also available on The Neil Wilkins Podcast

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