How I Define Mindful Living is a really important podcast episode for me because I share how I define mindful living.

To me, the phrase is not about empty, positive-thinking, motivational hype that we see and hear so often in so-called personal development events and courses.

I believe Mindful living is a strategic and practical mindset that allows you to take focused steps in your life journey. It’s practical, focused and meaningful. I don’t know about you, but when I see people going from conference to conference and event to event, seemingly chasing that elusive ‘answer’, I feel sad that they are collectively missing the point.

Mindful Living is much more about a little learning, lots of thinking and then taking practical actions to make changes. We can then all watch and feel the affects of those changes and adapt and grow.

This is why Sonya and I are creating Life Map by Neya. Join us in the first online course that introduces you to Life Map by Neya and take the first steps to becoming the best version of you. Visit for more details and to sign-up

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