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Sonya and I are so pleased to announce a brand new Relationships and Couples Counselling online course that we have been developing over the last few months.

This certified course, in association with Soul Remember Academy, is a culmination of a number of years study into the tools, techniques and philosophies that make up successful, loving relationships.

In this course, which offers 11 hours of video tuition and exploration, we look into a host of topics to help you evolve and develop your existing relationship, or if you are currently single, to manifest the relationship of your dreams:

  • Recognise what you bring to a relationship from the past, spring clean and move forward
  • Manifest your desired relationship through the law of attraction and intention setting
  • Understand the impact of infidelity and use vulnerability as a catalyst to heal your relationship
  • Learn practical and fun techniques that you can apply in your relationship every day
  • Develop effective communication skills to dissolve misunderstandings and gain clarity
  • Proactively nurture a conscious, loving, romantic relationship

In this relationships and couples counselling online course you will be sensitively guided through the terrain of romantic relationships. You will learn how to manifest them beautifully, with conscious creative intention and sustain them through personal transparency, vulnerability, insight and effective communication.

You and your partner will learn tools you can easily and quickly implement, to help you both ground and find more joy and harmony in your relationship; To dissolve and resolve the inevitable challenges, triggers and issues many couples face. Even if you are not currently in a relationship, you will be empowered to prepare the ground for an amazing relationship in a happy future.

We’d love you to join us on this fascinating journey.

This course is part of the Life Map by Neya® series and will evolve into a complete suite of courses and workshops designed to empower you in all aspects of your life.

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