Mindful Living

I’m documenting my journey of bringing together mindful living, timefulness and self awareness for the benefit of us all.

Much of my work in this area is in partnership with my wonderful wife Sonya.

We have created Neya, a website where we’ll be sharing with you podcasts, courses, live videos, workshops and retreats. Everything is designed and created to help you to become more self-aware, mindful and focused.

Mindful Living with Life Map by Neya®

I am excited to share with you Life Map by Neya® which is an amazing, guided process, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the real you and then use this to create a satisfying and complete life, that you can live, every day. This is real mindful living.

A Rising Tide Will Lift All Boats

A rising tide will lift all boats is a quote attributed to John F Kennedy. However, the original source is believed to be the New England Council, a regional economic forum in the US during the 1960s. More recently we have seen this quote…

What is Meditation

What is meditation? A little musing for a Sunday afternoon... I have explored meditation techniques, progressive relaxation and self hypnosis for around 40 years. Only recently have I realised that meditation is not anything to do with doing,…
what is your moral obligation?

What is your Moral Obligation?

What is your moral obligation when it comes to the climate emergency? Have you thought about this? We've all heard about extinction rebellion, climate emergency, bushfires and floods, melting ice, plastic in the oceans and more. However,…

The Art Of Body Language

The art of body language podcast is an attempt (let's see if I have achieved it) of conveying the value of closely watching people's body language (a very visual thing) by way of a very audio-focused medium. So to help things along, here…
new decade fresh start

New Decade Fresh Start

New Decade, Fresh Start? It’s the early days of 2020 and you are back to work at the start of the new decade. Does it feel right? Are you where your heart feels like it wants to be? Will you be making a difference? Do you work just for…
2020 You

2020 You

How do you see the 2020 you? As we come to the end of the decade it's a great time to reflect on recent years and plan where you are going next. With this in mind you could take a full online programme like Life Map by Neya® or perhaps…