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Marketing Sustainability Webinar Episode 1 of 3

The first of three webinars in the Cambridge Marketing College’s series Marketing Sustainability Webinar Episode 1 – How To Future-proof Your Brand.

In this webinar recording from September 2021, Neil Wilkins hears from sustainability branding expert Nigel Clark about how to define marketing sustainability and the importance of taking accountability for it within your business.

Neil also talks to Joe Pereira, Co-Founder of The Mindful Collective about the importance of putting Purpose at the heart of the sustainability conversation in your organisation. This is true mindful marketing.

With COP26 next week, there has never been a better time to start the conversation about your own contribution to sustainability improvements. However, as we’ll hear, it’s not as simple as just beginning.

Neil, Joe and Nigel consistently talk about keeping an eye on the challenge of Greenwashing and ‘over marketing’ your progress on the sustainability journey.

The essence of this topic is to strike the right balance between what you want to say and what your stakeholders want to hear. It’s not easy and as we will hear in the next episode, there is always a danger of greenwashing if you try to over-market your sustainable credentials, your eco projects and your good intentions.

One of the tricks to making sure that you are hitting the right balance is to keep in close contact with all stakeholders. Listening and frequently reviewing and tuning your marketing sustainability messages is key.

Find out more about what you can do to begin your marketing sustainability journey, and the new Mindful Marketing Mix, by visiting The Mindful Collective website and Cambridge Marketing College website for more details about the upcoming launch of the marketing sustainability apprenticeship and other webinars and short courses on this topic.

The recording of Webinars 2 and 3 in this series, will be released shortly.

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