How To Run A Pilot Marketing Campaign

‘With so little time and resource available to marketers today, you need to understand how to run a pilot marketing campaign because it may provide all the evidence you need, to demonstrate the value you have brought as a marketer, to helping achieve your organisation’s strategic goals.’

“A solid 10% is enough so you can make an impact on your brand, but it’s not so much that you’ll regret spending it if the pilot doesn’t go according to plan.”

Test – Adapt – Optimise, but ‘Only Test What You’ll Be Bothered To Potentially Change’

5 Post-Pilot Choices

Stop and never do it again
Park it for another time
Keep running at a low scale
Scale up appropriately
Go all in on a complete winner

Key Elements to Test in a Pilot Marketing Campaign

Target Audiences
Marketing Channels
Creative Design
Calls To Action
KPIs and Targets
Methods of Measurement

This webinar recording How to run a Marketing Campaign, is also available on your favourite podcast channel

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