Developing Responsible Citizens

Developing Responsible Citizens

“Accountability for the success of the human race on an ecologically challenged planet, begins and ends with ourselves, as individuals.”

How can I take an active part in our community, public life, volunteering and social responsible projects?

How do I become more sustainable?

How we can I make a positive difference to the people and world around us?

How do I lead by example encourage others?

24 Ways To Be A Responsible Citizen

Know your core values and live by them
Make your bed in the morning
Embrace diversity
Be patriotic to a good cause
Take accountability for your actions
Be trustworthy and honest
Share your gift with your community
Discuss social issues
Be mindful in every decision
Mentor someone
Embrace continuous learning
Be courteous
Become carbon literate
Respect animate and inanimate objects
Challenge injustice
Support democracy
Practice tolerance
Consume less
Live a circular lifestyle
Respect the law
Volunteer your time
Shop local
Be a great role model