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Preparing for Metaverse Marketing is a webinar by Neil Wilkins and part of the Cambridge Marketing College’s fortnightly marketing series.


In this webinar, Neil explores:

“From customer conferences and exhibitions, to product launches and live demonstrations, the metaverse offers all marketers unprecedented opportunities for exciting and impactful engagement with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers.”

Why Metaverse Marketing Matters: Increased customer engagement Uncluttered digital channels Emergence of new digital economies Immersive and interactive experiences”

Key Metaverse Marketing Opportunities: Virtual billboards and signage Branded virtual events In-world product placements Avatar fashion and accessories Customer conferences and exhibitions Product launches and live demonstrations”

“Begin With Strategy: Events, story-telling, product development, showcasing, collaboration, loyalty, sales, thought leadership, brand leadership, education”

Neil also guides us through “Big Brand Metaverse Marketing Strategic Success Stories” to bring to life the opportunity by those who are already preparing for metaverse marketing and trailblazing in the metaverse.

Join Neil’s 6 week workshop series to learn more.

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