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Introducing The Metaverse

Neil Wilkins is interviewed by Kiran Kapur in a weekly episode of The Cambridge Marketing College Podcast.

In this episode Neil is introducing the metaverse by comparing what we have with what we can expect as the technology plays catch-up with our dreams.

According to Eric Elliot, “The metaverse, is the digital world, where anything we can imagine can exist. Eventually, we’ll be connected to the metaverse all the time, extending our senses of sight, sound, and touch, blending digital items into the physical world, or popping into fully immersive 3D environments whenever we want.”

Rather than getting carried away by the technology, in this interview Neil is clear that as marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs we should rather focus on being innovative and creative with the commercial opportunities. Neil believes when introducing the metaverse to our businesses it’s less about the ‘how’ and more about simply being awake and welcoming of the opportunities.

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