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What next after an apprenticeship

Planning your next career step as you approach the successful conclusion of an apprenticeship is both exciting and daunting. From further qualifications to perhaps pivoting your career direction, having an apprenticeship qualification can open up all sorts of opportunities.

The key is careful self-reflection, leveraging your portfolio and creating a clear career plan for the coming years. This webinar will guide you through your options and help set you on the right path to leverage this possibly once-in-a-career opportunity.

When an apprentice completes their studies, they have several options to consider for what next after an apprenticeship. These options may vary depending on the specific field or industry in which the apprentice has trained. Here’s a general list of possibilities:

Permanent Employment: Secure a full-time position with the same company, continuing in the same role they had during their apprenticeship.

Promotions: Pursue a higher-level role or a more specialised position within the same organisation.

Job Rotation: Explore different roles within the same company to gain broader experience and identify a preferred career path.

Change Companies: Apply for a similar role with a different employer to gain experience in various work environments and company cultures.

Freelance/Contract Work: Offer services as an independent contractor, taking on projects or clients that align with their skills and interests.

Start a Business: Utilise the skills and experiences gained during the apprenticeship to launch a new venture or join an existing startup.

Further Education: Pursue additional certifications, diplomas, or degrees to enhance skills, specialise in a niche area, or switch to a related field.

Mentorship: Become a mentor or trainer within the same industry, sharing knowledge and expertise with new apprentices or employees.

Networking: Join industry associations, attend conferences and workshops, and connect with professionals to explore new opportunities and stay informed about industry trends.

Contribute to Alumni: Maximise the long term value of the networking and connections made with the apprenticeship, by keeping in regular contact.

Volunteer Work: Offer skills and expertise to community organisations, nonprofits, or social causes to build experience and make a positive impact.

International Opportunities: Seek job opportunities in other countries or with multinational organisations to gain global experience and broaden cultural understanding.

Career Break: Take a short break from work to travel, pursue personal interests, or simply recharge before deciding on the next career move.

It’s important for apprentices to consider their personal goals, interests, and long-term career objectives when deciding on the next step after completing their apprenticeship.

Update your personal portfolio
Showcase the highlights and welcome the gaps
Reflect and consider all your ‘next step’ options
Think about short, medium and long term goals
Which make you feel lifted and which make you feel drained?
Prioritise the top 3 and identify your number 1 option
Is this in your head and heart, or are pleasing others
Create a smart timeline to turn dreams into goals
List who you need to support you in your plan
Start Now!

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