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The 7 Essential Stories, with Kurian Tharakan

“What is the number one reason people, companies, and their products fail? It’s the opposite of the reason people, companies, and their products succeed. And it’s the core of your brand. If people don’t buy into this, they won’t buy anything else.”

Neil Wilkins talks to Kurian Tharakan about culture, religion, core values and belief systems, the hero of your story being your customer, and how to craft stories that are so compelling, your products and services are merely the tools for enabling the successful journey together.

The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell:
– Creation and Origin – how did you begin
– Identities Beliefs and Values – what drives you and never violate
– Big Idea – your central guiding concept around which everything rotates
– Enemy We Face – elements or challenges to solve, for which you are for or against
– The Mighty Wins – the macro trends upon which you ride
– Journey We Must Undertake – the next steps you’ll take the audience on
– The Why We Will Win Story – the process including the keystones that guarantee the win

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