resilience in conversation with Kate Strong
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Resilience in conversation with Kate Strong

Neil Wilkins discusses resilience in conversation with Kate Strong, 3 time world record breaker
reflective journals and portfolios
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Reflective Journals and Portfolios

Neil Wilkins' masterclass about reflective journals and portfolios, for career development, new roles, supporting qualifications
embracing change
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Embracing Change

Neil Wilkins discusses embracing change by developing a change mindset and learning the skills you need to manage change throughout your life
the purpose upgrade
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The Purpose Upgrade

Neil Wilkins interviews author Paul Skinner about his book The Purpose Upgrade and they discuss the importance of collaborative flexibility
how to anchor and nourish a vision
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How to Anchor and Nourish a Vision

Neil Wilkins talks to Tom Llewellyn about lucid dreaming, manifestation and how to anchor and nourish a vision
love lifelong learning
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Love of Lifelong Learning

Love of lifelong learning is all about embracing continuous improvement techniques, tools and mindset for loving life’s constant teachings
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Neil Wilkins discussed mindfulness and his mindful living journey, sharing people, teachers and techniques he has encountered so far
finding your heart coherence
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Finding Your Heart Coherence

Neil Wilkins talks to holistic coach Virginie Ferguson, about finding your heart coherence, yoga, meditation and holistic wellbeing...
exploring quantum energy
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Exploring Quantum Energy

Neil and Sonya Wilkins discuss quantum energy and healing practices that are relevant in these turbulent times.