awareness and abundance habit 1
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Awareness and Abundance

This year is all about us creating Great Habits. So let's begin today with "Habit 1 - Removing SHOULD from your world."
developing self motivation
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Developing Self Motivation

In this webinar, Neil Wilkins shares tools and techniques to help you 
1. operate effectively
 2. make great decisions 
3. add value to everyone around you, by developing strong self motivation.
self-reflection skills
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Developing Self-Reflection Skills

Think about developing self-reflection skills in this intriguing webinar with Neil Wilkins. Neil shares techniques and psychology tips to help you learn more about yourself.
Becoming More Resilient
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Becoming More Resilient

Successful and happy people are on a continuous journey of becoming more resilient in everything they do at work and in their personal life
Continuous Improvement Mindset
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Developing a Continuous Improvement Mindset

In this marketers' focused webinar with Cambridge Marketing College, Neil Wilkins explores the power of a continuous improvement mindset and how it can bring us more satisfaction and success, each and every day.
Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work
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Empathy at Work

Let me explain why I believe Empathy at Work is more important than technical skills in your success and the value you add to those around you.