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For most people, a brand signifies a logo, a name and some nice colours and fonts.

Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the long list of elements that underpin the most successful brand.

Think firstly about the chaos or unrest that might come from change in your organisation. Any change will have a domino effect on people and processes and if the change is coming about due to merger, acquisition or takeover then it’s very likely that there may be a level of chaos before the new brand can be rolled out publicly.

Start with internal communications. Understand who needs to be involved at the conception of the new brand and who needs to be briefed in preparation for its roll-out. Think about how collaboration and teamwork can be discussed and improved upon at this time. What processes, training and resources should you dedicate to getting this right first time?

Create a carefully thought-out new content strategy that encompasses digital, face-to-face, and traditional communications and media. This will create consistency and clear understanding both internally and eventually externally.

Think about how a succinct set of brand guidelines will help to consolidate understanding and clarity about what can be said, to whom, how and when.

Know that recruitment and on-boarding of new staff will be significantly helped by effective new branding roll-out so a clear vision, goals and timescales needs to be communicated throughout the organisation. Training and development plans must be adapted and refined in line with rebrands to ensure both consistency of message but also relevance and context to the recipients.


What new opportunities for cross selling and up selling may be on offer due to your rebrand? If you are amalgamating companies or product ranges then think carefully about product strategy, pricing, new product development and portfolio management. This will become ever more important with the considerations you need to make towards your distribution channels and of course, marketing communications campaigns.

These are just a few of the key considerations you need to take before you embark on the exciting external branding elements of names, logos, fonts and colours. The creative process is just that. Yes it’s exciting and something you will be proud of, but it really is just the tip of the branding iceberg.

For more help and a clear understanding of all of the elements involved in effective branding and re-branding contact Neil.