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You’re the best, because you are you.

Nobody does it better and so you are already a huge success in life and everything.

From the minute you were born, if not before, you began carving a path through this life that is unique, previously uncharted and shaped by your decisions, intuition and your destiny.

So, by definition, there is nobody alive or dead who has had the same education, experiences, thoughts, outcomes from decisions made, learnings from failures, highs and lows. It’s just you. You are the best at being you.

Now you may not like where your life is right now, the things you feel you are being made to do, things outside of your control and decisions others are taking on your behalf. You may be in what you think of as a dead-end job, have relationship or personal issues that you want and need to resolve.

Alternatively you may be in a great place with awe inspiring projects, wonderful people around you, in bliss at your remarkable life for which you are infinitely grateful.

Whichever scenario (and it’s probably somewhere generic, right in between) you find yourself in there is one thing for certain. You have the power of choice and the decision you take as you read this right now could shape things very differently or build upon a great place you are already in.

The key to everything is acceptance that you are you and that’s something to be very, very grateful for. Remember, as we have already discussed, nobody can beat you at that, ¬†ever. In most societies people are judged by the trappings of consumption. The size of their house, their brand of car, where they take vacations, the circles in which the socialise and the watch on their wrist.

But these are things that are never enough. Your neighbour always has a higher salary, job title with more grandeur, larger house, faster car. You move and find that your new neighbours are even bigger slaves to consumption. You can never win.

So why chase a battle that you can never win. Ignore these superficial ratings of happiness and judge your success and fulfilment against you. The improvement, the personal growth the expansion, the kindness and the calm of you.

Such things arrive in your consciousness when you are self aware. It takes time. In fact many people find that it is only into their later years that they begin to become familiar with the real self that has either laid dormant deep inside as they are swept along on the wave of satisfying others’ dreams, or that they simply didn’t take the time to stop and wonder if there is something more.

The something more comes from being authentic, honest and open with yourself. Remember that the best person on the planet at being you is you. So stop, think, feel and be grateful.

What elements of your personality really fulfil you and make you proud. Not in terms of what other people think, perceive and tell you, but how you feel from deep inside you. These are the things that really mean something.

What is it about your skills and expertise, your knowledge and your experience that you can say in combination provide a truly unique offer to the world.

Yes it is about giving back. Giving back to the world as you add value to the lives of those around you but also giving back to yourself. Listening and really hearing about what your body and mind needs, right here right now.

If we stop and truly listen to how our body feels right at this moment then we can be kind to it. If we stop and listen to our feelings and thoughts without fighting them or trying to block them because they might be uncomfortable, then we have a chance of living in the moment, for which both our body and mind will in turn be so grateful and each will return the favour to us.

Self awareness begins with gratitude and from there our introspection goes deeper and deeper inside of us to explore and uncover the real us. What you find may surprise you but it will certainly inspire you. And remember the combination of everything you can perceive is your world and everything in it. This is unique and with that self awareness we can be grateful for another wonderful day.



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