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Conditional Happiness is a trap into which we all often fall.

The definition of conditional happiness is the reliance on external outcomes for the regulation of how we feel.

It really doesn’t make sense to live a life based on a need for things to work out just the way we plan them. The risk of things going wrong, especially if we are talking about complex situations involving lots of people and spread over a long period of time, is just too great.

Imagine a world where you can be happy without your happiness being conditional on the outcome of a situation. Imagine that you can (and should) be happy, regardless of the outcome. How would that feel?

By being grateful for the right here, right now, gives you a chance to truly enjoy your life. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, the end result doesn’t have to be the determining factor.

Imagine you are investing in your professional development because you are after that promotion at work. Every weekend you are reading, studying and learning. You attend courses and workshops to boost your CV.

The decision of whether or not you are promoted is outside of your direct control. It is reliant on your manager, timing, other people moving roles and a host of other variables.

In this scenario, wouldn’t it be better to enjoy the journey of self development, than beat yourself up and worry about whether or not the outcome is the promotion? Surely it would be more enjoyable to be grateful for the journey? A promotion may be a lovely additional benefit of the process.

If you become less reliant on external outcomes, outside of your control, notice how much happier and content you feel.

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