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Brand Resonance is one of those intangible things that can really accelerate the success of your marketing efforts if you can harness its power.

Brand Resonance has been defined in many ways. In its simplest form it is the positive energy flow between a consumer and the brand and it’s products and services. The word energy is very important here because it’s not the ‘what’, it’s much more the ‘why’. How does the brand make you feel? Do you resonate with it? Are you aligned with it’s values, ethos and what it stands for? Are you proud to be associated with it, seen with it, and would you advocate it to others?

If you answer yes to these things then brand resonance is at play.

I particularly like the Brand Resonance Pyramid presented by Preeti because it demonstrates the different levels of helping your customers to build an association with your brand and what to consider in choreographing their experience.

This can very much be aligned with the customer journey model that takes your customer, step by step, through their engagement with you, as you help them to build faith and trust in your brand.

Perhaps today you could take some time to think about what you could do to help your customers resonate with your brand in preference to just expecting and maybe taking for granted how they will react and respond.

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