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This short article is my official beginning of the documenting of the journey of Marketing and Mindfulness.

It might sound a bit hippy or you might not understand it at all, but the premise is simple: marketing and commercial decision making not only for the good of the shareholders and management, but at the same time for the environment, your community and society.

I’ve spent some time figuring out what my vision could be for this journey… “living to support positive societal change”. Audacious or what!?

Vision should be about motivating oneself to inspire action every day. It should be about creating a higher and distant purpose that invigorates and energises, even when the going gets tough.

I’m sure all of this will become clearer on the journey.

But the simple fact of the matter is that if you agree it would be a good thing (let’s say, a great thing) if all of our commercial activities and decisions were for the greater good, then please join me on this journey. Get involved, tell me what you think (positive and negative) and let’s see what we can stimulate and create together.


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