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This is a really neat trick and we should all be doing this is we are practicing mindful marketing.

Spot an industry trend, think about how it relates to our organisation and then do deep dive research into it so we fully understand why it’s a trend, how it has evolved and what pace and the vital trigger points that have brought the topic into the open.

The deep dive approach is really important when it comes to deeply understanding the fine details behind the scenario. This could be something as simple as a growing need to attract new staff who demand flexible working, because they just happen to be the best staff available. It could be something a little more complex like how to evolve a company culture to keep it in line with the higher level position of innovators that the organisation has in the marketplace.

Or in the case of a recent Hays Group webinar that I enjoyed, spot a global trend and then deep dive into it with literally thousands of respondents as part of a national research study. 

This was an interesting one. What Workers Want explored the increasingly important issue of balancing what your people demand of you as an employer with the needs of the organisation. A challenge that has presented itself to business owners and management for decades. However, with the advent of AI and automation there is a growing sensitivity around this subject as staff perceive their roles coming under threat, recognise the importance of continuous self development and growth and feel the pressure of meeting targets whilst adjusting their behaviours.

It’s complex, but a detailed programme of carefully crafted research questions has uncovered some very useful trends, markers and opportunities for companies who are prepared to both listen and respond. These are mindful businesses and this is mindful marketing at its best; Listen, learn, adapt, grow. 

It’s a simple flow of mindful business practice and one we should remember to foster as a daily habit.

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