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Marketing apprenticeships can benefit employers and marketing professionals alike.

A marketing apprenticeship allows an ambitious marketer, if they are a Marketing Executive or Marketing Manager, to balance theory with practice as they study.

I am fortunate to be mentoring a large group of marketing apprentices at the moment. Each one is in a very different role and experiencing marketing in their own way. The beauty of an apprenticeship is that they can trial and test the theory as they build their knowledge. At the same time, their employer benefits from innovative ideas, best practice and a highly motivated member of staff.

Marketing Apprenticeship Infographic

My apprentices are looked after by Cambridge Marketing College, who offer marketing apprenticeships (taking around 18 months to complete) at both level 4 and level 6 (Executive and Manager respectively).

“I also host 1-2-1 tutorials where we catch up on an individual basis as I discuss their progress, challenges and set interesting tasks for them to complete before the next one. The theme of the tasks I set, which are in addition to the core learning, is based around The Mindful Collective. These tasks invite the apprentices to be directly involved in shaping the new marketing mix definition and in the future, they’ll be able to say there were an integral part of the evolution of a new business world.”

If you are interested in finding out more, visit the marketing apprenticeships page and do join me at my walk-in open morning at the Watershed Cafe, Bristol between 10am and 12noon on Wednesday 15th May or email me for further information.


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