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Market trends and insights, strategic marketing planning, digital marketing, social media, customer persona profiling, customer journey, marketing campaigns, marketing technology, marketing mentoring, team and individual training.

This isn’t just marketing, this is marketing and mindfulness; bringing a wider and deeper perspective to your marketing and communications, within your business and with your customers.

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How To Find Content Ideas For Blogs

How To Find Content Ideas For Blogs Use these 10 steps for how to find content ideas for your blogs: Wherever you are, look around you and list the most significant inanimate objects, people and animals you can see Adjust the items in your list into alphabetical order Take the first item in the newly […]

In this Episode 7 of the Digital 2018 Live series of Podcasts, Neil Wilkins shares the current best practice in creating website focus and content that not only brings more the right visitors to your website but engages them and takes them on a real journey of value and keeps them coming back for more. […]

I am delighted to share that my new book Rule of Thirds ‘how to create exceptional digital marketing content’ is now available in paperback and on Kindle in the Amazon store. This new book will help you to create exceptional content. Not just good content, all about you, but exceptional and engaging content that inspires, […]