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Market trends and insights, strategic marketing planning, digital marketing, social media, customer persona profiling, customer journey, marketing campaigns, marketing technology, marketing mentoring, team and individual training.

This isn’t just marketing, this is marketing and mindfulness; bringing a wider and deeper perspective to your marketing and communications, within your business and with your customers.

Mindful Marketing is all about making the right kind of profit. Doing business in such a way as to benefit society, community and the planet at the same time as making great profits, reinvested wisely.

I will share more about The Mindful Consultants when I launch the new venture in Autumn 2018. In the meantime I can serve all of your marketing planning, digital marketing and campaign needs through Viper Marketing.

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Heart to Heart H2H not Business to Business B2B or Business to Consumer B2C could be the next big thing in marketing and there are many reasons why this makes perfect sense. We have used B2B and B2C in our commercial conversations for decades and in the past they perfectly summarised the differences in approach […]

In marketing there can often be a wide difference between where we think we are and where the customer says we are. This is why the customer journey, and keeping tabs on how you are delivering value right along the journey, is so crucial when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is one of […]

I am often asked by my clients to explain “how do I find my USP?” The USP is your unique sales proposition, that tangible and amazing nugget of gold, that differentiates you in your busy and competitive marketplace. If you are a commodity offer, the same as your competitors, or worse still, you simply copy […]