Integrating product lifecycle and marketing communications is something I am playing with at the moment to help my clients focus.

The concept is simple, yet potentially really powerful. The idea is to match the lifecycle stage of your brand, product or service with the most likely customers who will be interested at that stage.

These customers could be basically the same persona, but the first ones to buy your product, service or brand offer when it first launches are called Early Adopters (a small subset of these come first and are called Innovators… they might even want to engage before you launch, for reasons I will explain). You’d market subtly differently to these versus the early and late majority, the critical mass of your audience.

And don’t forget the last ones, the Laggards, because they help you to maximise your late profit just before you retire your product or service, or refresh your brand.

I explain more in this podcast. Have a listen and see what you think? Could you get even more relevant and targeted with your marketing by adopting this focus?

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